Thursday, May 3, 2012

About interview with Mike Stonebraker on published an interview with Mike Stonebraker, who is a well-known scientist in database technologies and founder of several database products.

Mike repeats his main statement that one size does not fit all, which he proves with founding and developing different database products specialized for different application sizes. Examples of such products are in-memory OLTP database VoltDB and DW/BI database Vertica. Mike argues that current data operated by ACID transactions, should be managed by an OLTP engine, e.g., VoltDB, while historical data should be moved into analytical database system, such as Vertica. Thus getting much better performance for the two different tasks and I fully support him.

For the benchmark comparison, Mike refers to TPC-C benchmark and comparison between VoltDB numbers and legacy DBMSs numbers. Unfortunately, this comparison is unfair. VoltDB runs a modified version TPC-C, which does not follow the TPC-C specification and, thus, the benchmark results are not published on TPC-C web page. VoltDB implementation of "TPC-C benchmark" is biased towards to VoltDB, since VoltDB does not allow concurrency on the same database partition. Note that the original TPC-C is biased to legacy database and limits benchmark result by underlying hardware. (I hope to find time and write a small post about problems with TPC benchmarks for OLTP databases)

In general, Mike Stonebraker plays important role in modern DBMS development. I highly recommend to read the interview, read his papers and listen his presentations.

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