Friday, April 13, 2012

ACM Webinar on Security

Yesterday I attended second ACM Webinar: Security: Computing in an Adversarial Environment by Dr. Carrie Gates from CA Technologies.

It was high level introductory lecture in general security. I cannot say that it was a computer science (CS) lecture. The only connection to computer science was that security in modern world is much related to computers and Internet. Since the webinar was from ACM I was expecting more CS technological lecture.
At the beginning Dr. Gates asked why security discipline is different from any other major CS disciplines such as AI. My answer was:
Most CS disciplines help to get solutions for primary tasks or services of applications or software, while security is often hidden behind those tasks and services in background. Security does not help with solving primary tasks, instead it is often opposite.
This one was not in the list of the question answers at the end of the presentation, but it was indirectly mention during the lecture.

By the way, I was using Firefox during the webinar and noticed bad quality of the sound and inability to get slides from there. Later I switched to IE to get the slides and the sound was improved. I have not tested with Chrome.

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